Who We Are

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is an award-winning program that teaches young people about the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership through experiential learning. The markets started in Utah and sold out for five years straight, helping nearly 10,000 kids before expanding to 24 additional states.

Parents and kids everywhere agree that learning and earning in a competitive environment is a unique and fun experience. Kids rise to the challenge of deciding what to sell, creating a booth, talking to customers, and handling money. A growing number of markets showcase returning youth entrepreneurs who desire additional development of their skills and small business.

How We’re Different

The magic of our markets takes place as we provide children with a high volume of authentic interactions. Our organization specializes in identifying and securing venues that bring large numbers of a diverse community together where hundreds and thousands of interactions for the kids become possible.

This creates an ideal environment for the children as well as our supporters. It places kids in front of real people, with real money amongst some healthy competition. We provide additional support for children, such as video lessons, curriculum, scholarships, and a blog series to share lessons and experiences from kids, for kids.

Why We’re Needed

Kids and young adults today have unprecedented demands for their attention. The rise and dominance of the passive consumption of media is a challenge we are just beginning to grasp. The plague of poor mental health is shocking and at times perplexing. While we as parents and leaders seek to better understand what our kids wrestle with, we also seek the means to help them become confident and capable.

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is a program kids actually enjoy and gives them something they can strive to be their best at. The principles and skills learned develop within kids a spirit of play, desire, action, and confidence that permeates their efforts at home, school at work and at play and sets their heights for achievement in these areas ever higher.

  1. Play is the grounds for work and innovation.
  2. Instead of telling kids “no”, give them something to say “yes!” to.
  3. Kids learn and work better when there’s real money involved. 
  4. Engaging programs help young people aspire to excellence in all endeavors.

To develop vibrant and resourceful children through entrepreneurship and creative play that create momentum in their personal, educational, work and community life. 

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“Thank you for hosting such a great event! We had so much fun! And thank you to our great community we sold out!“
“My kids had so much fun! Great teaching experience for the kids. - Katelyn“
“Thanks for doing this for them...what a great opportunity. We love this organization and what you guys are doing for these young kids!!“

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is an initiative of The Tuttle Twins — a children’s media project that teaches kids of all ages about entrepreneurship, free markets, money, personal responsibility, and more. We offer books, curriculum, a cartoon, and more!