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Whether it’s a lemonade stand or a lawn-mowing service, children love learning how to earn money!  This entrepreneurial hustle has long been a summertime routine for many children, but in recent years, the rise of the bureaucratic state has stymied kid entrepreneurs all across the country.

That’s why Libertas Institute proposed a new law, passed in 2017 in Utah — the first of its kind in the country — which prohibits local authorities from requiring minors to have business permits or licenses. Several other states have followed to let kids operate their business without having to get a permission slip first.

Our Vision

First started by an ambitious nine-year-old in 2016, our Children’s Entrepreneur Market encourages children to flex their entrepreneurial muscles by providing a supportive environment for them to learn.  We carefully select venues that ensure a safe environment where budding business owners can practice selling within a marketplace run entirely by kids.

With market guidance, parents help their kids learn about budgeting, cost of goods, profit and pricing.  Children proudly wear their entrepreneur T-shirt highlighting the sponsoring businesses that support the market, set up their displays and open for business!

Our Goals

Children gain real-world experience in creating goods, packaging them for sale, attracting customers and handling money!   Along the way, many children have used their market experience to propel their business to selling in stores and online, serving hundreds of customers.

Our goal is to offer this exciting opportunity to help young entrepreneurs thrive for years to come!

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“Thank you for hosting such a great event! We had so much fun! And thank you to our great community we sold out! - Ivi“
“My kids had so much fun! Great teaching experience for the kids. - Katelyn“
“Thank you for this opportunity! My daughter had the best night ever! -Allison“

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is an initiative of The Tuttle Twins — a children’s media project that teaches kids of all ages about entrepreneurship, free markets, money, personal responsibility, and more. We offer books, curriculum, a cartoon, and more!