Made by Marietta

During our market in Clarksville, TN we met up with Marietta, 7, who had a great booth that attracted…

Glitter Girls

While at our Millington, TN market on May 6th, we got to meet the Glitter Girls! Sophia, 13 and Abby,…

Kayden’s Colors

We recently met Kayden at our market in Terrell, and we were impressed with his business Kayden’s …

Pipevine Designs

Meet Kenzie, 11, owner of Pipevine Designs. Kenzie attended 3 markets this Spring in Arizona!


The kids at the KMKO Cafe were dedicated business owners this Spring!

Sugar Kids

Meet Matthew and Addie, siblings who own Sugar Kids!

Buzy Bees

The Buzy Bees have an amazing goal that they are working toward, which you’ll learn about here in our…

Sips by Mia

We got the opportunity to chat with Sips by Mia owner, Mia, on April 1, 2023 at our market in Tucson,…

The Brothers B Handmade Soaps

Join us as we interview Zen and Maks, brothers and owners of The Brothers B Handmade Soaps!

The Lego Exchange

Today, we got a chance to interview Garrett – a 9-year-old creative entrepreneur who decided to start…