Levi’s Workshop

We saw Levi’s Workshop at two separate markets in the Dallas area this year, and we were very impressed with the quality of his products!

Baylee’s Crochet

Baylee, 15, has participated in three of our Washington markets!

Madeline’s Place

Maddie is one of our frequent fliers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! We first met her at a market in Little Elm, and we were blown away by her delicious brittle…

AAFC (Addy & Aubrey Flower Crafts)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Addy (11) and Aubrey (13) in Ohio recently!

Lemonade Law Passes in Arizona!

We’re thrilled to celebrate the passing of Arizona’s Lemonade Law, a landmark bill that removes unnecessary regulations…

The Bead Borough

Meet Sawyer Hazel, a creative and enterprising 9-year-old who turned a Christmas gift of beads into a thriving bracelet business in Georgia.

Beauty Cycle

We met Makenna McMillan, 12, at our market in Cumming, GA this spring! Her business, Beauty Cycle, was so intriguing that we just had to learn more…

Read the Unknown

We had the pleasure of meeting Sharanya Shetty, 15, and Atiya Ahmedi, 15, at our spring 2024 market in Cumming, GA!

Dance Like A Cupcake

Alannah is the owner of Dance Like a Cupcake and specializes in baking vegan treats. She has built up an amazing business and social media presence!

Nikolai’s Prints

Nikolai, 6, is a young 3D printing enthusiast!