We recently met Kayden at our market in Terrell, and we were impressed with his business Kayden’s Colors!

We recently met Kayden at our market in Terrell, and we were impressed with his business Kayden’s Colors! His recycled crayon crafts were a huge hit. Check out his advice and encouragement for other kid entrepreneurs!

CEM: Tell us about your business. How did you first get the idea?

Kayden: I got the idea from my mom. She does vendor events, too. One day, she asked me, “Kayden, would you like to start a small business?” I thought about it, and in my mind I decided, “Okay, I should make a small business.” So I made these crayons. Some people think they are erasers, but they’re crayons. At my last vendor event, someone asked if they were magnets, but no, all of these are crayons.

CEM: They’re amazing! What supplies and resources did you need to get going? How did you get ahold of them?

Kayden: We needed to buy crayons, silicon molds, and something to melt things. We first take off the crayon wrappers, put the crayons in bags, and break them. After we break them, we put them in the silicon molds and melt them. After we melt them, they become different shapes- like one of these, one of those- all of the different shapes on this table.

CEM: That’s really cool! What are some challenges you’ve faced in business, and how did you overcome them?

Kayden: Well, at my last vendor’s event, the crayons melted, and that was a challenge because we were in a spot with a lot of sun. So, they melted pretty easily. We got an umbrella to make shade for the crayons so they wouldn’t melt. That was one of the things we had to face- the sun melting our crayons, which we didn’t want because then we’d be out of products.

CEM: Wow- I’m glad you were able to fix that! Do you have any advice for other aspiring kid entrepreneurs?

Kayden: Yes. I have advice for kids who have crayons, and for kids who want to have a business. For those who have crayons, don’t bring them outside for too long! My advice for entrepreneurs who are kids is to make sure your products are safe from things that can ruin them so you don’t lose them that way.

CEM: That’s good advice! How can potential customers get in touch with you?

Kayden: I’m going to keep doing markets!

(Kayden can also be found on FB and IG @Kaydenthefighter.)

We loved meeting you today Kayden, and we hope to see you again soon!


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