We’re thrilled to celebrate the passing of Arizona’s Lemonade Law, a landmark bill that removes unnecessary regulations and red tape for people 19 years of age and younger who operate occasional businesses, such as lemonade stands, in Arizona. This legislation represents a significant step toward fostering entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial literacy among the youth of our state.

A special thank you goes out to Senator Shawnna Bolick, the sponsor of this bill. Her commitment to supporting young entrepreneurs and reducing bureaucratic barriers has been instrumental in making this positive change a reality! The passing of SB1370 will undoubtedly inspire future generations to pursue their business dreams without fear of excessive regulation.

The stories and voices of several kidpreneurs, brave enough to testify at committee hearings at the Arizona State Capitol, highlighted the importance of providing young people with the freedom to explore business opportunities and learn valuable life skills. These young advocates demonstrated remarkable initiative and passion, proving that even the smallest voices can lead to significant legislative changes. Listen to what one young entrepreneur, Aiden, had to say about what this bill means to he and his siblings:

By allowing young individuals to operate small businesses without the burden of excessive regulations, they are empowered to learn, grow, and contribute to our economy in meaningful ways. Whether it’s a lemonade stand, a lawn-mowing service, or a homemade crafts booth, these entrepreneurial ventures offer invaluable lessons in responsibility, customer service, and financial management.

We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas that Arizona’s youth will bring to life. Here’s to a future where young entrepreneurs are free to dream big, take risks, and build the foundations of their own success stories!

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