Esther knows there are a lot of jewelry businesses out there...

Since she was very young, Esther Petersen loved jewelry and started her business in 2019 with her sister, who she later bought out. She started selling her jewelry at the markets and now wants to sell on Instagram. At the markets she tries to engage people by making eye contact, smiling and saying hello.

Esther’s parents have been very supportive, allowing her to use their photography equipment for her photos, and helping her purchase supplies, although she pays for them.

There are a lot of jewelry businesses, so Esther tries to make her offering unique and affordable and puts a lot of thought into each design.

Esther’s vision for her business is to eventually be regularly selling online and do a small amount of markets each year where she will release new jewelry, and expose herself to people who don’t know about her online presence, thereby strengthening her customer base. Her long term goals are to set up a website to improve her online customers’ experience and to strengthen her brand. She wants to buy higher quality displays, strengthen her brand’s imaging reputation, and attend higher traffic venues to increase her exposure to potential customers.

Congratulations Esther!

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