Whitney decided to make cute and fun bows that everyone could afford...

Whitney Petrovich has been in business since April of 2020, when she decided to make cute and fun bows that everyone could afford. She began selling on Instagram until she built a website for WhitsBowtique in early 2021. 

A big way of advertising for Whitney has been on social media, because she can make posts and videos that reach many people. Word of mouth is also a huge help, because lots of family, friends, and customers tell others about her bows.

One way Whitney’s business is different from others is that she is a kid entrepreneur! Another way she stands out is she cuts her bows by hand, while a lot of businesses cut theirs using a Cricut machine. People are usually amazed by this! She also always tries to become friends with her customers. As Whitney’s business has grown, it’s been a little trickier to do, but she always tries her best to connect with them!

Whitney shared, “I am a very positive person. I always like to make people happy, so that has been a goal of mine in my business, to make people happy when they see my bows. I have this specific bow style called the butterfly bow that I have sent to people if I hear they are having a hard time. That makes me happy, and it makes them happy. Giving back is just a win win!”

Whitney was a recent recipient of a $250 scholarship to help her achieve her business goals. Congratulations Whitney!


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