Congratulations to Ella on being awarded a $500 Scholarship to invest in her business, Yarnworks!

Congratulations to Ella Faldmo, on being awarded a $500 Scholarship to invest in her business, Yarnworks by Ella!

Ella turned her hobby into a business, when she started selling items she crocheted, like coasters and hats to friends and family. With experience, she moved on to more advanced items like plushies, scrunchies, granny square bags and baskets, often writing her own crochet patterns!

She has been successful selling her items by word of mouth, on Etsy and at the Children’s Entrepreneur Markets. After some trial and error, Ella found that because of high demand, items that were selling for $5, she could sell just as easily for $8! 

Ella is planning to use her scholarship money to build a website, improve her photo shoots of her products, and someday open a yarn store to sell her creations. She wants to buy more supplies to develop products that she has ideas for. Ella also enjoys teaching crocheting and knitting and wants space in her store to continue that. 

“I really appreciate the opportunity that these markets have given me to start and grow my business. I have learned a lot throughout the years, about what sells well in certain situations. I am planning to go into business for college, and I feel that I already have a good foundation from the things that I’ve learned.”  -Ella

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