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Registration for this market is OPEN.

Our farmers market run entirely by kids is excited to be part of Ridgefield Day of Festivals. Join us at Overlook Park where we expect 2,000 patrons.

Register Now Rules & Guidelines

Check-in Procedures

  • You may form a line at the check-in table but DO NOT enter the market area. Only volunteers setup early.
  • Bring your canopy to the check-in booth. You must have it with you to get your assigned space and we won’t hold spots waiting for a canopy to arrive.
  • If you want to be next to someone, you must check-in together.
  • Be prepared to show your registration email if asked. It is your entry into the market.
  • Let staff know at check-in if you have a generator or canopy larger than 10’x10’, so we can place you in the right spot.
  • Extra t-shirts are available for $7 each, cash or Venmo.


  • You’ll be directed where to setup your canopy (you cannot pick your space).
  • Setup your canopy FIRST, then unload all your supplies (wagons are the best!). You cannot pull your car into the market at any time.
  • Immediately move your car to the designated parking.


  • $25 for 1st market each year. $20 for subsequent markets in the same year.
  • Canopies or umbrellas are recommended but not required and must be anchored down.
  • Children must bring all their own supplies, including tables and chairs.
  • Power is not available.
  • If you sell anything edible, you must provide a garbage can for customers and haul out your own trash.
  • Wear disposable gloves if handling food.
  • There are no refunds for any reason, and markets are non-transferrable.


  • DO NOT engage the customers, answer questions or handle money. DO help your child do all of those things!
  • Parents MAY NOT prepare or serve food- everything must be done by the child.
  • Sit in the back of the booth and act like you’re not there! At the heart of this experience is for your child to do the selling.