1. Children must be 5 to 17 years old and able to run the booth without their adults interacting with the customers AT ALL. Parents can assist their child when needed, but children must be able to:
    1. Prep, cook and serve the food,
    2. Take/fulfill orders, and answer questions,
    3. Take payment and make change.
      If your child cannot do these things with minimal help, either pare down the offering, or wait for a future date when they are able to do so. 
  2. We welcome children with disabilities or special needs to participate with any necessary parental assistance! Please notify us at check-in.


  1. DO NOT answer questions, take orders, handle food or money. You can assist your child when needed, but CANNOT engage customers directly.
  2. Parents CANNOT prepare, cook or serve food. 
  3. Parents CANNOT take payment. If you choose to use payment apps, teach your child how to use it beforehand.
  4. Parents are required to remain on the venue premises throughout the duration of the market.
  5. It’s your responsibility to make sure all adults in your party are aware of and agree to the rules.
  6. Sit in the back of the booth, read a book, and act like you’re not listening! Removing yourself (figuratively speaking) is what makes this an incredible learning experience for your child.
  7. No smoking, vaping, or drinking at the market.
    If parents do not adhere to these rules, it may result in their child being ineligible to participate in future events.


  1. Children can sell (almost) anything! It can be handmade, store-bought, food, games or services.
    1. No raw food allowed.
    2. No animals are allowed unless you provide your own insurance and get approval from the local event manager. 
    3. No fundraisers allowed. 
  2. Children may NOT sell goods on behalf of their parents. No MLM’s.
  3. Children must have an active role in the acquisition and/or production of their product.
  4. The market does not regulate what is sold.


  1. All children must register online.
  2. $25 for the 1st market each year (includes kids book & one t-shirt). $20 for subsequent markets in the same year.
  3. There are no waiting lists or standby booths, even if there are cancellations.
  4. NO REFUNDS (or credits) will be given for any reason. No exceptions.
  5. Registrations are not transferrable to other markets but you can give to a friend and let us know their name and email.


  1. You may not pull a car into the market area to unload your items. Wagons work great! 
  2. If you arrive early, you may form a line at the check-in table but CANNOT enter the market area.
  3. If you’d like to be next to someone, simply check in together.
  4. Booths are not pre-assigned, and you CANNOT choose your space. 
  5.  You must unload and park in the designated areas to respect the venue’s requirements.


  1. All booths are a 10′ x 10′ space and all belongings must fit within that space. 
  2. It is one registration per booth, regardless of how many children are selling in it. (You only sell out of one side of the booth.)
  3. Children may sell different products in the same booth. 
  4. Children bring all their own supplies (table, canopy, chairs, etc.).
  5. Canopies are recommended but not required and MUST be weighted down. Umbrellas work too!
  6. If children sell anything edible, they must bring a trash can for their customers.
  7. Power is not provided, nor is there access. 
  8. You may bring a generator and will be placed on the perimeter to minimize noise.
  9. No trailers or carts larger than 3’x3’ are allowed, or anything that needs to be brought in by a vehicle.
  10. No pets allowed.


  1. The market’s main requirement is that the kids must run the booth and be present the entire time.
  2. Children must sell at their booth (no walking the aisles).
  3. There is no yelling to attract customers.
  4. Please wear gloves if selling food.
  5. Bartering is NOT allowed. 
  6. If you sell out, you CANNOT break down your booth until the end. Put a Sold Out sign on your table and enjoy the rest of the market.
  7. About 250-1000 members of the public attend each event.
  8. Parents may assist their children when needed, but are not allowed to engage customers directly.
  9. Parents cannot sell for their children AT ALL. If the child leaves the booth for any reason, they must put a “be back soon” sign on the table.


  1. You are responsible to haul out all your own trash (there usually aren’t dumpsters on site). Leave your booth space clean!


  1. The market will happen rain or shine unless there’s an 80% or greater prediction of SEVERE weather. A decision WILL ONLY BE POSTED IF IT IS CANCELED 24 hours prior to the market, on the Facebook Event and the website market page.  If canceled, there are no refunds, the market will not be rescheduled, and the registration fee cannot be applied to another market.
  2. Lightning Protocol- Check lighting strikes using Weather Bug app (free). Lightning strikes within 8 miles will require sheltering in place for 30 min in a sturdy building or a vehicle with a metal roof. If you’re unable to use the app to monitor lightning strikes, you can count 30 seconds from the time you see lightning until the time you hear thunder. If thunder occurs within 30 seconds, that means that the lightning strike is less than 6 miles away and participants should shelter in place. Secure belongings quickly and move to safety. Shelter in place may end once 30 minutes have passed since the last lightning flash/thunder.