We met up with Quinn Lusk, 14, during our Spring Hill, TN Market!

We met up with Quinn Lusk, 14, during our Spring Hill, TN Market. Quinn owns Cajun Sno, a sno ball business! He had a line at his booth our whole market! Here’s what he had to say:

CEM: Tell us about your business. How did you first get the idea?
Quinn: My mom made me to do it because she thought it would be a good experience for me.

CEM: What supplies and resources did you need to get going? How did you get a hold of them?
Quinn: My parents invested in me. They purchased all of my initial supplies to help me get started. I started with a very small shaved ice machine, and the next year I upgraded to a better one with my profits from the year before.

CEM: What are some challenges you’ve faced in business, and how did you overcome them?
Quinn: I have faced a lot of challenges. But one big one I face everyday is the heat because my business is only open during the summer months. On really hot days the ice tends to melt and the syrups get very hot that changes the look of the snowball. To overcome that challenge, I upgraded my ice chest and figured out how to keeping my syrups cool.

CEM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring kid entrepreneurs?
Quinn: Start out with something small, like a lemonade stand or even something as simple as selling rocks (which is what I did when I was 5). Once you get the hang of it, you can take it up a step and start selling something a little more unique.

CEM: How can potential customers get in touch with you?
Quinn: You can get in touch with me via email (cajunsnotn@gmail.com). I do birthday parties and other events in town! 

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