Exploring Bath Bombs

We met Sa’Veya at one of our markets in Michigan this summer! We aren’t exaggerating when we say she…

Meet our new managers – 2024 expansion!

That’s right! While you were busy participating in markets (or helping your child prepare), we were busy…

The Peanut Gallery

Meet Jasmine and Isaac, owners of The Peanut Gallery, who are bringing freeze dried candies and treats…

The Watkins’ Bakery

Colorado siblings Andrew, Charis, Wyatt, and Liam own The Watkins’ Bakery!

The Dairy Free Queen

We chatted with Quinn, owner of The Dairy Free Queen, in Michigan recently….

Cajun Sno

We met up with Quinn Lusk, 14, during our Spring Hill, TN Market!

Y Knot Crafts

First-time market participants, Ashlynn, 16, KyleeMae, 8, and DeLyla, 5, talked to us about their business,…

The Green Chicken

In Michigan, Trent is growing his business, The Green Chicken!

Pleasant Exchange Farms

Check out Pleasant Exchange Farms! A freeze-dried candy business run by 15 year-old Pierce McKittric…


Meet Abigail 13, Isabella 11, Matthew 9 (siblings). They sell tacos, fruit cups, and dreamcatchers and…