3Deep Designs

We met Aiden (12), Maleia (9), and Parker (8) in Phoenix, Arizona last year and were so excited to chat…

Face Painting, Hawaiian Donuts, & Busking

Charmaine (11) and James (9) are frequent fliers at our Dallas markets!

Em and Bubba’s Creations

Landon (14) and Emerson (11) are the owners of Em and Bubba’s Creations! Their create-your-own sand…

Audrey’s Little Shop

10-year-old Audrey is the owner of Audrey’s Little Shop, and her booth has been a huge hit with customers…

Savannah’s Nummies

Nine-year-old Auri Savannah is the owner of Savannah’s Nummies!

Freeze Dried Treats

We met Presley, 14, and Derrick, 12 in Arizona this season!


Aria Hayes is one of our 2023 scholarship winners from Michigan!

The Grand Canyon Resin Company

Addison, 14, from Arizona blew us away with her unique, recycled metal artwork this season! 

Chaser’s Treats

Who doesn’t love spoiling their pups with delicious treats? Lily, 9, from Colorado…

Layla & Rose Handmade

Congratulations to Layla Wardlaw on being awarded a $500 scholarship to invest in her business, Layla…