"It all started at a cousins camp when we grew too much cucumbers in our family garden..."
“It all started at a cousins camp when we grew too much cucumbers in our family garden. Then, our grandmother said ‘I’ll teach Jordan and Asher how to make pickles.’ We gave our pickles at first to our neighbors and friends. They loved our pickles and said we should sell them at a farmers market.”

Jordan (13) and Asher (10), the owners of Pickle Pot, participated in one of our Nashville markets in 2023, but they’ve also participated in a different local farmers market every summer since 2017! We were thrilled to award this hard-working duo with a scholarship for their business last year. They tell us that they usually spend 25 to 30 hours a week on their business during market season, which includes making their pickles (washing, chopping cucumbers, making brine, jarring, sanitizing, and labeling), selling at markets, and taking care of their finances. What sets Pickle Pot apart from other businesses is that they “…are one of the only kid run business in our market. Our pickles are different because our cucumbers are freshly picked from the garden and don’t have to be shipped hundreds of miles. We also have 5 unique recipes we developed with our grandmother.”

The siblings say that their family helps them with a few things in their business, like their mom who helps with boiling water and their grandmother who has taught them how to make sales, handle money, and how to make pickles of course!

Pickle Pot has a lot of repeat customers. Their ideal customer is “someone who likes to support small local businesses especially one run by kids. Also, someone who likes freshly made, and unique pickles because they will LOVE our product.”

Jordan and Asher’s goals this year for their business include adding 2 new pickle recipes, using their $500 scholarship to purchase jars in bulk (since that is their largest expense), and also purchasing garden bed covers so that they can plant cucumbers earlier in the year. We can’t wait to catch up with them soon to hear how their business has grown!