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Who doesn’t love spoiling their pups with delicious treats? Lily, 9, from Colorado was inspired to begin a dog treat business to care for her favorite furry friends’ appetites! Here’s what she had to say about running her business:

CEM: Tell us about your business. How did you first get the idea?

Lily: Chaser’s Treats is the name of my business. I got the idea from my stuffed animal puppy named Chaser. I really like dogs and wanted to make something for dogs.

CEM: What supplies and resources did you need to get going? How did you get a hold of them?

Lily: In order to get going, I need a variety of supplies. I decided to make two different kinds of dog treats! I made peanut butter treats and apple-cheddar treats. For the peanut butter treats, I needed whole wheat flour, peanut butter, eggs, water, and honey. For the apple, I need oatmeal, barley flour, cheese, applesauce and olive oil. We already had all of the supplies in our kitchen at home.

CEM: What are some challenges you’ve faced in business, and how did you overcome them?

Lily: I didn’t have many challenges at the markets. It was really easy and fun to talk to customers!

CEM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring kid entrepreneurs?

Lily: My advice to kid entrepreneurs is to make sure you offer customers more than one way to pay for the product. Some of my customers liked to pay with cash, and others wanted to pay with Venmo.

CEM: How can potential customers get in touch with you?

Lily: At this point, I only sell my treats at markets, so customers can only purchase the dog treats at local markets.

Thanks for chatting with us, Lily! We hope to see you at another market soon!

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