Nine-year-old Auri Savannah is the owner of Savannah’s Nummies!

Nine-year-old Auri Savannah is the owner of Savannah’s Nummies! Auri and her eleven-year-old brother Kaiden have come to every single one of our Texas markets except for one this year, and their baked goods are consistently a huge hit.

CEM: Tell us about your business. How did you first get the idea?

We call our business Savannah’s Nummies. We are running a bakery that creates delicious cookies, brownies, and cakes. We are homeschoolers, and our parents allow us to explore our interests. I (Auri) took a baking class almost 2 years ago, and that led to us having lots of baked goods in the house. We started sharing with family, and the business grew after that. My brother (Kaiden) has become my right hand “man” by testing recipes and signing off on them, as well as creating marketing flyers and the website. We both sell at markets.

CEM: What supplies and resources did you need to get going? How did you get ahold of them? 

Flour, butter, eggs, and all required ingredients. Of course I needed my parents to help with the start up cost and permission to use the oven.

CEM: What are some challenges you’ve faced in business, and how did you overcome them? 

Learning to run a business has been challenging, from figuring out how to price my yummy treats, to learning how to package them, to traveling to market events. We overcome our challenges with asking our supportive parents for help.

CEM: Do you have any advice for other aspiring kid entrepreneurs?  

Be consistent and follow your dreams. Ask for help. Keep pushing.

CEM: How can potential customers get in touch with you? 

We can be found on FB here. Also, my brother is finalizing our website: Savannah’s Nummies

Thanks for talking with us, Auri and Kaiden! Keep up the great work!


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