Children’s Entrepreneur Market Wins National Philanthropy Prize

Our trailblazing nonprofit initiative, committed to empowering children through entrepreneurial experiences, was selected as the winner of the 2023 Gregor G. Peterson Prize in Venture Philanthropy!

Chaser’s Treats

Who doesn’t love spoiling their pups with delicious treats? Lily, 9, from Colorado…

Layla & Rose Handmade

Congratulations to Layla Wardlaw on being awarded a $500 scholarship to invest in her business, Layla & Rose Handmade!

Rubber Ducky Win a Cookie

We met Asher, 13, at a market in Colorado this year. We just had to stop and chat with him after seeing his creative business idea!

CAL’s Creative Shop

We met Carter, 11, Anneliese, 9, Laurel, 5, at a market this year in Colorado! Many customers enjoyed their tasty caramel apples and…

Bugs & Brush

Johanna, 15, and Adistan, 11, are cousins gifted with some incredible talents!

Sprinkles & Confetti

We were wowed by the creativity and enthusiasm of these three young entrepreneurs in Tucson, Arizona this Fall! 

More Than Just Jewelry

Izabella from Michigan has a few great pieces of advice for other kid entrepreneurs!

Evil Eye Bracelets, Candies, and More!

In Tucson, Arizona, this sister duo shared some great insight into what it takes to run their businesses!

Little Red Farmhouse

Today we’re talking to Madelyn, 14, from Little Red Farmhouse. Her products are so fun, creative, and… tiny!